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The first game I've ever published! When I started on this project, I thought about arcade games in general and how they always (inevitably) end. You, well, die. Sure, you might nab that high score to prove your death had not been entirely in vain, but that's hardly reassuring to a dead Pac-Man or defender of Earth (from Space Invaders), now, is it?

This game is a quick arcade game that is meant to kick that up a notch.

In this game, combinations of blocks will steadily rain down from above. Dodge the falling blocks, then jump on them to climb up and raise your score. You can move blocks around as they're falling, or perhaps just after they hit the ground. But beware: you're only safe and cozy atop your three-block-wide tower until that particularly nasty block formation comes crashing down directly on top of you!


- Left/Right Direction Movement, Space key to jump, zero (0) button to commit suicide in case you get stuck (and believe me, there's a lot of ways to get stuck!)

- R to restart your game or Q to quit (once you've died - you'll see the text in the upper-right corner)


- Die in one of three possible ways! If at first you can't break that high score for your player's otherwise meaningless existence... Die, Die Again!

- The score is dependent on your Y-position - that is, how high up you are. This is a gamble if you already have the high score - do you go for more with a difficult jump looming in front of you? Or do you take that leap and risk falling down your hard-fought climb in the hopes of getting a slightly higher score

- You can clear your high score at any time from the main menu. Click it (or highlight it with arrow keys if you don't use a mouse), and the high score will reset to 0.


Don't Get Crushed!.zip 15 MB


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It's been a while, but it's kinda cool going back and looking at my old stuff. Can't say as I've been doing anything more lately, but at any rate, it's silly for me to still actually charge for this old thing. Making it free to play for fiveever!

Game looks amazing! Haven't purchased it yet, but I am sure it is good.

Thanks! I wasn't expecting much out of this, so I'm pleased to hear it.